Semon is a prestigious Cashmere brand based in London founded by Semka Dashnyam in 2005. Semka was born and grew up in Mongolia before coming to London to follow her dream. In her childhood she was educated in the art of cashmere combing by the local herdsmen. In 2008 Semka opened her own factory in Mongolia employing the most experienced local knitters and experts.

Semka’s passion for Cashmere has been the inspiration for her knitwear collections as well as seeing through the production process in Mongolia to ensure each individual piece of cashmere is of the highest quality and standard. Her designs emphasises the female figure through sharp tailoring, elegance and subtle twists. Her knitwear is made with 100% pure Mongolian Cashmere which gives a unique, chic, glamorous look and feel.

This exclusive brand aims to satisfy the modern sophisticated woman of any age who desires unique and natural luxury. The essence of the brands success is due to innovative, wearable styling and high quality.

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